Nagsasa Cove


Last April, my former officemates and I went on a trip to Nagsasa Cove in Zambales. Its been ages since I last went to the beach. And I’ve many of my firsts in this trip. It was a very memorable experience for me.

We were 14 in the group and rented a van. It was a Saturday and we left Manila around 9am. The trip was actually kinda dreadful. It was a long and tiring trip. The traffic was so bad since it was also summer and a weekend a lot of people were really going to the beach. And as you can see (that’s me on the right side with the pillow) I just slept almost the entire trip. Yes, I know I’m such a sleepy head! 

Just seeing the view from the window made me even more excited!

We arrived at Pundaquit port around 3:30pm. It took us almost 7 hours to get there when it was suppose to just a 4-5 hour trip. However, we still need to take a boat and travel for 45 minutes more to reach the island we’ll be staying in.

And finally we arrived the island around 4:30. And I can say that the long trip was all worth it! The island was so beautiful. We were surrounded by mountains and trees.

Our guides helped us set our tents. This is my first time to camp. Although I had lots of mosquito bites I was still able to sleep well. We also had bonfire at night, drinking beers and making smores. It was really fun.

The morning after was the best part. What a sight! I can’t get enough of it. This place is such a beauty. It was just an overnight stay and we headed back in Manila later in the afternoon. It was a short trip but it was sure a lot of fun. My first time to camp, sleep in a tent, ride a boat, and bonfire session. 

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

Thank you Nagsasa Cove for such a wonderful experience!


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