Talisayen Cove

And yet another beach trip. This time I went with my college friends. We’ve been planning a summer getaway for the longest time but somehow our schedules won’t match. Originally, we were 7 in the group but some of the girls wasn’t able to make it. So Clare decided to invite her brother, her brother’s girlfriend and a guy friend.

I only had 1 hour of sleep that day. We arrived at the bus station around 5am. We were not able to catch an earlier bus so the next one was at 7am. Honestly, I was asleep the whole trip. Haha! We were dropped off at Olangapo and from there we need to ride another bus. What is fun about this trip is that we rode an ordinary bus (no aircondition) plus we were standing. It was my first time and it was fun.

I forgot what time we arrived at the port but it was so freakin’ hot plus the sand hurts my feet. But I was so excited!! It’s a 45-minute boat ride going to the island. It was a pretty rough ride. We were so wet. The water was splashing all over us. It was really wavy and a little bit scary. Plus it was also high tide at the time.

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I was so happy when we finally reached the island. There were only a few people. Which is good because its not too crowded. We set up our tent and prepared for dinner. The boys started out the fire so we can start cooking and grilling. Another camping experience. Ahhh I love it. I really don’t mind camping by the beach overnight. And hearing the sound of the waves is just so calming and relaxing. Its like its singing me to sleep.

Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset

And of course, it wouldn’t be complete without a bonfire and some smores. We drank, played cards and talked all night.

This was kind of a packaged trip. Inclusive of the boat ride, tents, and side trip to Capones Island. We paid 800 pesos to the travel tour. And I think our bus fare from Cubao-Olongapo was 200 pesos. And Olongapo-Pundaquit was round 40 pesos. This trip all in all cost me just about 2000 pesos. I’ll be posting another set of photos from our Capones side trip. 🙂

Hopefully I’d get to explore more places here in the Philippines. We have so many beautiful islands that I’ve yet to explore. Philippines is such a wonderful country. I hope more people could get to see that as well.


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