Capones Island


So on my recent post which was our trip to Talisayen Cove, I mentioned that we had a side trip to Capones Island. So here is my post about it. 🙂

We were supposed to be fetched at around 10am but the kuya arrived an hour late. The sea is much calmer now and not as wavy as when we first arrived. I just love seeing the clear waters and different islands around us.


The island is shaped like a shoe! How amazing is that.

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Its like a 30 minute boat ride from where we were. And there are my friends walking under the scorching heat of the sun. I immediately run towards the shady area because the heat was just so intense that day. Haha!

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I just love the gradient color of the sea. And look how clear the water is! Although on some areas there were lots of seaweeds which I totally hated.

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L-R (Me, Joan, Clare)

Meet my college buddies. Clare and I have been blockmates since 1st year college and were even officemates now. While joan was only our blockmate during our 1st year because she shifted to a different course on our 2nd year.

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The place isn’t really advisable for camping. Its really just for a day trip since the port is also like 15 minutes away from it.

We actually visited two more islands which I forgot the names (sorry bout that). But Capones was one of the highlights. Although I was a bit disappointed because we were not able to climb the famous lighthouse.

Although we didn’t stay long in the island it was still a fun side trip. I didn’t take a dip anymore and just took pictures. More beach trips to come please! 🙂


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