Snail Mail


IMG_20160702_114309Last Thursday I got my first mail ever. My mom sent me a message on viber telling me that I have received a letter. I’m not home during the weekdays and just renting a place near my work. So I wasn’t able to see the letter until Saturday. I only go home on the weekends.

So anyway, a few weeks back I posted here and on my other blog that I wanted to trade letters. I was also looking for people who are interested in it and I came upon Liz’s Blog. So I immediately sent her a message and I was so happy that she replied.

Point Blur_Jul042016_150538


It feels so nice to receive a letter and how much joy it brings. I was so giddy opening it up. I don’t even want to tear up the envelope. I opened it as gently as I could. Haha.

Point Blur_Jul022016_104658

So here’s what’s inside of my mail. Thank you so much Liz for these and for being my new friend even though were like miles miles apart. It’s nice to meet new people from around the world and share your stories. I will be replying to you soon. I really appreciate it and the effort you’ve given to mail me. Unfortunately, mail boxes are not a thing here in the Philippines. I’ll try to drop by our post office tho on the weekend. 🙂

Three people have actually messaged me and wanted to trade letters and be pen pals as well. I am so excited! So if you guys are also interested feel free to comment here or leave me a message on my contact page. 🙂


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