Danni’s 7th

Last Saturday the daughter of our family friend celebrated her 7th birthday. It was a barbie themed party and there were pink balloons everywhere! 🙂


There was a candy buffet, potato corner stall, icecream stand and a cotton candy booth. The kids also has a make-over booth where they can have their hair styled and put some make-up on and gems on their faces. (I was too shy to take photos, sorry! haha)


It was also nice because all of my childhood friends were there. 20 years of friendship and counting. I can even remember the last time we were complete so I was really glad to see all of them.

Here is a photo of Danni, the celebrant. And she had a special performance for us. Singing and dancing to the song “What Dreams Are Made Of” 🙂

Kids, kids, kids. Oooh I just love kids! 🙂 This is me and Danni (left photo), and my godson Nathan (right photo).

It was indeed a fun party. Not only did the kids enjoyed but the adults as well. I guess its was really us the adults who really enjoyed because of the booths and stalls of food. Hahahaha. I kept on going back to the candy buffet and got myself some bags of candies.


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