Block Reunion

Last Friday we had our Block Reunion at Cea’s house. I can’t believe were in that stage of life already. We are really adulting. We planned this for like almost 2 weeks. Unfortunately, some didn’t make it. It was a Friday night everyone will be coming from work and the traffic was so so bad. It also rained that night so it was really such a hassle. We were all suppose to be there at 9pm but I arrived together with 4 others around 10 already.


Anyway, I am so glad to see these girls. Some I haven’t seen for like 4 years. We were only blockmates during our first year in college. Some shifted course during and second year and others transferred school. But our block was so tight. Even though there were different groups in the block we are still united. And yes, I came from an all girls school ❤


We just ordered pizza, chicken, and donuts. Yen cooked some Pesto and Pachy together with the help of her girlfriend made us some Carbonara. We also had a few drinks.


It was a really fun night. We just laughed and laughed and laughed. Reminiscing our college days and the fun times we had together. I really missed them so much. Hope there will he more gatherings like this with them. Some of us slept at Cea’s house. I got home at 10 in the morning. Hehehe.

Credits to Coke for the photos :>


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