Black bean home

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Made this so I can practice my web layout skills. I’ve always wanted to be both a graphic and web designer. This October I will be enrolling myself in a web class. I just always do and design layouts using photoshop. I wanna learn how to put codes in it.

I was too shy to ask my parents if I can take that short course. I’ve graduated two years ago and I have a work so I don’t want to depend on them to pay my tuition fee. Thing is, I don’t have much savings. But I really really want to take that web class. So, I asked my mom if we could split it. And she said yes. I’m so excited for October!!

I love to learn new things and experiment. I am a full-time graphic designer but on my spare time I still do some artworks and do some freelance work like invitations and business cards. This is really my passion. I love what I do and I’m just glad that my parents are very supportive of what I want even though the salary in my country isn’t that big for this type of work.

I actually worked in a call center for a year and that was my first job. The salary was bigger compared to my work now but it was so tiring because I was on a night shift. And it wasn’t that fulfilling for me. So after a year I have decided to resign and find a job that is close to my course and something I’d really love to do. And now I am working for 8 months as a product planner and I I’ve never been happier.


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