Weekend Happenings

Long weekend well spent. Felt so productive this weekend. Visited a friend of mine last Saturday at the hospital who got confined due to dengue. He finally got discharged last Sunday after being admitted for almost a week. Went to the mall last Sunday to pay for the tuition fee of the web design class I will be taking this coming October 22. Ahhh, I am so excited! I’ve always wanted to learn more about web design and buy my own domain so I can finally create a website of my own.

Stayed at Coffee Bean in Fairview Terraces. I was so glad that my favorite spot was vacant. I ordered Iced Matcha Green Tea Latte and a Pistachio Pound Cake. I got so sad with my drink hahaha I thought I ordered Hot, the iced one was too bitter for my tasting. So, to get rid of that bitter matcha taste I decided to order another drink. This time I had an iced Original Mocha drink with whipped cream on top. I was able to update my planner and do some sketches. I actually like spending some time alone. It helps me clear my mind and also I find it relaxing.

And yesterday, I had a client meeting. My cousin recommended me to their church mate to do their wedding invitation. This is actually the second time I am meeting them. The first one, we discussed what they want and how they want their invite to look like. I made drafts and sample designs for them to choose. And finally after a month they already decided with the design and layout.

This is the sample print I showed them yesterday. We polished the final details and this coming weekend I will be giving them the first batch of prints. I am just so glad that they liked everything. It feels so good. I’m so happy to be a part of their wedding journey. It was not easy for us because most of the time we just talk via facebook and text messages. I just do this as a freelance work since I have a full-time job. But luckily, my clients are very understanding and patient. I always tell people whenever they inquire to me that I can only meet them and present to them personally during the weekends. Although I do communicate with them and do designs after office hours. I just really love what I do and I make time for everything. It’s all about time management I guess. So yeah, that is how my weekend went.


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