Japanese food is <3

I think Japanese cuisine is one of the best cuisines ever! Sushi is a gift to humanity ❤ Hahaha lol. I could eat them all day everyday. I seriously love Japanese food. It is my go to comfort food. It’s my reward after days of hard work, my stress reliever, my happy pill. Last Sunday, my roommate and I decided to have dinner at one of my favorite Japanese place in Kapitolyo. We ordered some crazy maki, chicken skin karaage and kani salad. We spent around 355php. Very affordable right? Their food is really great that’s why I always go back. And the servers are really nice too.


And since I posted this photo on my instagram my officemate suddenly craved for sushi. Hahaha. And so, she invited me to have dinner to another Japanese restaurant. Which is just actually across Takashi’s. Tok-yu also serves Japanese food for a very affordable price. I decided to try out their Soba. It’s my first time to eat cold noodles. Can you believe this is just 135php?! Yaaaas. Hahaha. It was weird in a good way. I swear I’ll never get tired of eating Japanese food!



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