Saturday Night Hits


Went out last  Saturday night with my college friends. Haven’t seen them for months. But even though we don’t see each other often or talk its like nothing have changed. Were still the same crazy people. Hahaha. Lol.

We first went shopping and visited one of our friend’s boutiques in Timog. I bought a jumper, dress, tops, and some make-up. Yay. We then headed to Bubbletea to have some dinner. The never ending Japanese food. Hahaha.

We had Nippon Maki, Royal Dragon Roll and some Gyoza. Everything was good! Japanese food never fails. Hahaha. One of the best cuisines ever!!

We met up with Sarah and stayed at Cable Car to grab a few drinks. We also played beer pong. We met 2 guys and played with them. Got home at 2am already. Ahh. I missed this kind of life. Got my much needed break. Finally got to go out again. Hoping for more nights like this.


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