Work Anniversary


Yesterday marks my 1st year anniversary at work.

Time indeed flies so fast especially when you are having such a good time doing what you love. A year ago I was feeling depressed and down. I was frustrated and sort of losing confidence. I was confused whether to be practical and stick with my current job or follow my heart and do what I really love. Something that will fill my soul and will fulfill me. And here I am a year later, finally got to pursue my one true passion. It’s been such a great year. I’ve had my ups and downs, made mistakes and learned from it. Glad to have such understanding supervisors and bosses that really appreciates me and my works.

Its amazing to see that in a span of 1 year I’ve grown so much not just as a person but as an artist as well. I know in myself that I’m good and I have the skills. But I still have so much to learn. I will continue to enhance my skills and hone my craft. I just love art so much. I live and breathe for it.


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