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Book Haul

Yesterday’s Book Haul

Got all these books for only 120php!! Huhu still can’t believe it. I don’t really read much. I actually have lots of pdf books on my laptop and phone that I haven’t read yet. But lately, I’m so in the mood to read. I’m currently reading Ms. Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children. I’m almost half of it and the story is really interesting. I haven’t seen the movie though.

Can you believe that I got those 3 novel books (2nd photo) for only 20 pesos each. The price ranges from 5 pesos to 500 pesos. You just really have to be patient in looking and browsing shelf per shelf. I’m actually planning to go back and buy some more books. You guys should definitely check the place as well. It’s from Anvil Publishing House located in West Capitol Drive in Kapitolyo, Pasig. You can check out their facebook page. They have posted a photo of a map there.

They have lots of books in there. From literature to novels, history, law, medicine, accounting, tourism, marketing, programming, web design, photography, graphic design, fashion, children’s books, textbooks, and a lot more.

Here are the list of books I was able to buy:

  • Waking the Dead and other horror stories – Yvette Tan (5 pesos)
  • Pride and Prejudice – Jane Austen (20 pesos)
  • Inferno (A verse translation by Allen Mandelbaum) (20 pesps)
  • Romeo and Juliet – William Shakespeare (20 pesos)
  • Spooked – Rosario P. Nem Singh (5 pesos)
  • Gapo – Lualhati Bautista (20 pesos)
  • Riding in Tandem – Nina Tolentino (10 pesos)
  • I Like You to Love Me – Carlyn Lanuza (10 pesos)
  • A Song 4 U – Carlyn Lanuza (10 pesos)

I do like horror stories so I grabbed some books and I also read pocketbooks. I wanted to grab more books of author Lualhati Bautista but some doesn’t have pricing yet so they didn’t let me get those 😥 Hoping that it will be out with a price the next time I go back.

P.S please don’t judge me by my book choices lol

Pinto Art Museum


My roommate and I have been planning to go to Pinto Art Museum in Antipolo for weeks. And finally, last Sunday we were able to visit the place. To get to Pinto, you can ride a jeep going to Antipolo and tell the driver to drop you off at Ynares Center and from there you can already take a tricycle. There is a 200php entrance fee and backpacks should be left in the bag counter. So I advise you just bring a small bag with you. Also, its better if you go there on a weekday. Weekends are kind of jam packed with people.


We first had our lunch at their cafe. They have different types of cuisines on their menu. They have Italian, Japanese, Thai etc. We decided to order their Vigan Longganisa Pizza (as per the server its one of their best sellers, I ordered a California Maki (sorry can’t resist Jap food), and Pink Lemonade. The food was great actually. It’s just that we had been waiting for quite a while before we got our food. And there was even a confusion with the table’s orders.


The place is pretty big actually. It has 6 galleries inside. The place is so “instagramable”. A lot of people were taking pictures. It’s so lovely and the entrance fee you’ll pay will be so worth it. I love each and every piece inside. Would definitely go back there. It’s not just full of painting but some other types of art with different kinds of media used.


And since the place was beautiful I wouldn’t miss the chance of having my photos taken. Hahaha. Excuse my face tho. I am not very photogenic. Lol. I actually grabbed some “reference” photos so I can do some poses like what does blogger does. Hahaha.


Also took some shots of Ynnah and Ate Kim. I’ve more photos on my phone and camera that I want to upload. But this will do for now. You can check out my instagram account @riepanini for more photos. We actually stayed there for almost 4 or 5 hours. I kind of got tired roaming around the area. And we haven’t actually checked out all of it. Were planning to go back again with our other friends maybe. You guys should definitely check out Pinto Art Museum.

Work Anniversary


Yesterday marks my 1st year anniversary at work.

Time indeed flies so fast especially when you are having such a good time doing what you love. A year ago I was feeling depressed and down. I was frustrated and sort of losing confidence. I was confused whether to be practical and stick with my current job or follow my heart and do what I really love. Something that will fill my soul and will fulfill me. And here I am a year later, finally got to pursue my one true passion. It’s been such a great year. I’ve had my ups and downs, made mistakes and learned from it. Glad to have such understanding supervisors and bosses that really appreciates me and my works.

Its amazing to see that in a span of 1 year I’ve grown so much not just as a person but as an artist as well. I know in myself that I’m good and I have the skills. But I still have so much to learn. I will continue to enhance my skills and hone my craft. I just love art so much. I live and breathe for it.

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