Manila Wings

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Yesterday I met a friend of mine from way back high school. He was actually my senior. 1 batch higher than me. Back in the days we had a clan that only people in our school are in. We met there and eventually became friends. Kuya Paolo is like a big brother to me. I always invite him during my birthday celebration and he always make sure to never miss it. He’s currently in his third year in law school and I’m just so proud of him.

We met at SM Fairview since he’s also going back to their condo in Mandaluyong and I’m renting a place in Pasig so he gave me a ride. We also decided to have dinner since my friend is also moving in with me.

We were suppose to eat at Gastro park but since it was a holiday it was jam packed. We couldn’t find any available seats. I suggested we try Silantro but it was also full. So we ended up eating at Manila Wings.

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It just opened like a month ago and I haven’t tried it out yet. We ordered their Manila Wings and Honey Garlic Wings (6 pcs costs 185php), Kuya Paolo had the grilled cheese (175php), I ordered their Kalbi Tacos (150php for 2 pcs), and my friend Ynna had Chili Cheese Footlong (150php).

We actually shared everything. The serving is for each dish is good for 1-2 persons which is great. Everything tastes really good! I was really surprised. It was just near my place and sometimes when I pass by there, there aren’t much people. I wanted to invite my friends here sometime to eat too. Overall, I’d rate it 10/10. That is how satisfied and happy I was with the food. Ugh I love everything we ate. I would definitely go back again. 🙂


Websites to Sell Your Art


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This is actually the first website that I started to sell my works. I just got an invitation via email to be a part of their growing artists so I decided to give it a try. That was way back June. So for two months now so far I’ve made around $13. Not bad. I just became so active uploading my works and promoting it online lately. Even if you haven’t got an invitation you can still be an artist on their website. On the bottom part of the page there is a SELL link. Click that and join. Fill up the form and they will evaluate your works. So better make sure you have a portfolio to show. I suggest you use Behance ’cause it’s really helpful and that’s where I put my works. The commission you’ll get will depend on the type of case people will purchase. You just really need to upload designs once in a while and put it on your social media sites. I use pinterest, instagram, facebook, tumblr and wordpress in promoting mine. You’ll also be needing to set-up your paypal account so you can get paid. I have my savings account through BDO and it comes with an atm debit card and it is linked to paypal so that’s what I’m using. You’ll be deducted $1.00 (46.00 pesos) in your account as part of verification process. Commission for phone cases would be around $3.50-$4.50 while for the ipad case, macbook sleeves ,and apple band watch would be around $4.50 to $6.50.

Visit my collection at:


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This is by far my favorite one (even though I just joined yesterday!). I just love its user interface and there are lots of stuff you can put your designs in which is totally perfect. You’ll have a lot of variety to choose from. Perfect site to buy gifts. From Iphone Cases, Art Prints, T-Shirts, Pillows, Tote Bags, etc., they have it. To sign up and join click get started and there will be two options: Discover Art and Upload Art. Choose the Upload Art so you can submit your designs. You also need to verify your paypal account and again $1 (46 pesos) will be deducted from your account as part of verification process. Once you place your design you have the option to choose on what type of items would you want it to be placed on. There are also size guides to follow for each type of item. Like for example, the phone case would be 1300px by 2000px. You can sort out and make a collection so people can easily see the designs. Like on my page I made a collection for floral and watercolor art. So when they click on it they can see all your designs which has floral and watercolor design in it. The commission is pretty good too! Depending on the product but it ranges around $1.50 to $15.00.

Visit my collection at:


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As for Vida, I just also got an invitation via mail to collaborate with them and send my designs. However, I am not that active here and I rarely publish my designs. They are more on garments, like shirts, scarfs, sheer wraps, dresses, and tops. But since I really wanted to make additional income online and sell my art I’ll start to upload again my designs. You get %10 of net sales as part of your commission and payment is on a quarterly basis which is again thru paypal.

View my collections at:

There are actually a lot more websites where you can sell your art. There’s Zazzle, Threadless, Cafe Press, Redbubble, Etsy., etc. I only posted the sites which I’m in but you can check out the others too. They also have great platforms and commissions for artists. You just need to be patient and promote your works all the time. It would be really really helpful being active in different social media sites also by asking your friends to help in sharing them. Build your network. And just keep uploading your works. At first I was really hesitant because sometimes I can see that people are viewing and liking my works and yet no one is buying them. Also, I’ve a lot of competitors. But it’s really how you market your product. Again, just share and promote your products.

I hope I can help my fellow artists earn as well by doing this blog post. 🙂

Client Meeting

Last night was my first time to do a client meeting. Meeting over dinner. Oh what a grown-up thing to do. I felt so professional and it actually made me feel more confident. Not just about myself but my works as well. I do freelance work on the side during weekends and after office hours. I make business cards and invitations. I’ve had other clients before but we just always talk on the phone, email or via facebook. From planning to approval and the final printing. Then we just meet when they’re about to pick-up their orders.

My cousin referred me to her friend who is about to get married this coming November. I’m so thankful to her because I got this project. I could really use the extra money right now for that web class I’m taking on October.

I’ve already sent them some proposal designs. It will be a garden wedding and the motif is purple and silver. Here are some samples.

The set that they actually chose consists of the main invitation, entourage, map, rsvp, save the date and thank you card. They will be sending me the final details by Wednesday and I’ll do the layout. We will meet again this weekend and show them the printed version for approval so I can proceed with the production.

I’m really really excited for this project. I just hope that I could pull it off. ❤

Black bean home

View the full design on my behance

Made this so I can practice my web layout skills. I’ve always wanted to be both a graphic and web designer. This October I will be enrolling myself in a web class. I just always do and design layouts using photoshop. I wanna learn how to put codes in it.

I was too shy to ask my parents if I can take that short course. I’ve graduated two years ago and I have a work so I don’t want to depend on them to pay my tuition fee. Thing is, I don’t have much savings. But I really really want to take that web class. So, I asked my mom if we could split it. And she said yes. I’m so excited for October!!

I love to learn new things and experiment. I am a full-time graphic designer but on my spare time I still do some artworks and do some freelance work like invitations and business cards. This is really my passion. I love what I do and I’m just glad that my parents are very supportive of what I want even though the salary in my country isn’t that big for this type of work.

I actually worked in a call center for a year and that was my first job. The salary was bigger compared to my work now but it was so tiring because I was on a night shift. And it wasn’t that fulfilling for me. So after a year I have decided to resign and find a job that is close to my course and something I’d really love to do. And now I am working for 8 months as a product planner and I I’ve never been happier.

Block Reunion

Last Friday we had our Block Reunion at Cea’s house. I can’t believe were in that stage of life already. We are really adulting. We planned this for like almost 2 weeks. Unfortunately, some didn’t make it. It was a Friday night everyone will be coming from work and the traffic was so so bad. It also rained that night so it was really such a hassle. We were all suppose to be there at 9pm but I arrived together with 4 others around 10 already.


Anyway, I am so glad to see these girls. Some I haven’t seen for like 4 years. We were only blockmates during our first year in college. Some shifted course during and second year and others transferred school. But our block was so tight. Even though there were different groups in the block we are still united. And yes, I came from an all girls school ❤


We just ordered pizza, chicken, and donuts. Yen cooked some Pesto and Pachy together with the help of her girlfriend made us some Carbonara. We also had a few drinks.


It was a really fun night. We just laughed and laughed and laughed. Reminiscing our college days and the fun times we had together. I really missed them so much. Hope there will he more gatherings like this with them. Some of us slept at Cea’s house. I got home at 10 in the morning. Hehehe.

Credits to Coke for the photos :>

Make up Essentials

make up essentials

Becoming a make-up ‘junkie’ lately. Like for real make-ups are expensive af 😥 =)) I’m slowly learning to fix myself. It makes me feel good. Just starting first with the basics. Just some simple powder, eyebrows, mascara, blush and lipstick. I seriously cannot leave the house without doing my brows nowadays. Hahaha. I try to put eyeliner once in a while but it gets messy and I suck at it big time. Need some more practicing. Mehehe. Please feel free to give me some tips and stuff. Would really appreciate it! 🙂

Lipstick weapon

Started collecting lipsticks too! I especially love those liquid lipsticks with matte finish.

Some people were complementing me lately and its really flattering. They were ask if someone has been courting me or if I have a boyfriend. Some say I have that ‘glow’ or like I’m blooming. Nope people. Its just that I am happy with myself lately. I feel so confident and beautiful. And when you’re happy it just really shows. I don’t dress up and put make-up on for other people. I do it for myself.

Danni’s 7th

Last Saturday the daughter of our family friend celebrated her 7th birthday. It was a barbie themed party and there were pink balloons everywhere! 🙂


There was a candy buffet, potato corner stall, icecream stand and a cotton candy booth. The kids also has a make-over booth where they can have their hair styled and put some make-up on and gems on their faces. (I was too shy to take photos, sorry! haha)


It was also nice because all of my childhood friends were there. 20 years of friendship and counting. I can even remember the last time we were complete so I was really glad to see all of them.

Here is a photo of Danni, the celebrant. And she had a special performance for us. Singing and dancing to the song “What Dreams Are Made Of” 🙂

Kids, kids, kids. Oooh I just love kids! 🙂 This is me and Danni (left photo), and my godson Nathan (right photo).

It was indeed a fun party. Not only did the kids enjoyed but the adults as well. I guess its was really us the adults who really enjoyed because of the booths and stalls of food. Hahahaha. I kept on going back to the candy buffet and got myself some bags of candies.