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New Cases Alert!

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Cases for Iphone 7 and 7+ also available. Click the link and shop now! 🙂

Long Weekend


Cheers for the long weekend ahead. Thank god its Friday. Yay. So much plans for the weekend. I wanna make more artworks. Also, I need to pay the tuition fee for the upcoming web class I’ll be taking this October. I am so excited for that! 🙂

I need to finish the invitation designs for one client. It’s been going on for weeks  already. They don’t respond quickly and so I’m the one suffering. With all the revisions and stuff ugh. If only I could tell them to please make up their minds. I want this done already. Come on.

Anyway, I’m planning to go out with a friend this Saturday. Grab a few drinks, drive somewhere else and just catch up. Stuff like that. And on Sunday I’ll do all the letters for those people whom I promised to send mails. I seriously don’t have the time or just too lazy to go to the post office 😦 Mail boxes are not a thing here in my country. But I really wanna have pen pals and send people mails. So this weekend I’m gonna finish them all.

Make up Essentials

make up essentials

Becoming a make-up ‘junkie’ lately. Like for real make-ups are expensive af 😥 =)) I’m slowly learning to fix myself. It makes me feel good. Just starting first with the basics. Just some simple powder, eyebrows, mascara, blush and lipstick. I seriously cannot leave the house without doing my brows nowadays. Hahaha. I try to put eyeliner once in a while but it gets messy and I suck at it big time. Need some more practicing. Mehehe. Please feel free to give me some tips and stuff. Would really appreciate it! 🙂

Lipstick weapon

Started collecting lipsticks too! I especially love those liquid lipsticks with matte finish.

Some people were complementing me lately and its really flattering. They were ask if someone has been courting me or if I have a boyfriend. Some say I have that ‘glow’ or like I’m blooming. Nope people. Its just that I am happy with myself lately. I feel so confident and beautiful. And when you’re happy it just really shows. I don’t dress up and put make-up on for other people. I do it for myself.


Its fascinating how well you know me more than I know myself. You can see through me and read what’s on my mind in an instant. You notice every detail about me. The way I bite my lips whenever I’m nervous. Or how I stroke my hair whenever I’m annoyed. The way I laugh at your corny jokes and even when were on the phone you know if I’m smiling or feeling sad. You’ve memorized every part of me. My flaws. My weaknesses. And that actually scares me. You’ve managed to get into me. You have not only made it to the surface but even deeper what’s within my soul.