99 peso sushi?! Say what?!


I’ve been wanting to try Ta Ke Ho Me Sushi Stand ever since I read an article about in on spot.ph. Cos’ who doesn’t love sushi right? I’m a big fan of Japanese cuisine, there’s just so much art and craft in it. I like how it is presented in such a beautiful way, how the chef’s handle each ingredients with such care and delicacy and how they really take time to create each and every dish.

Ta Ke Ho Me Sushi Stand is located in 52 Seargent Esguerra Avenue, South Triangle, Tomas Morato in Quezon City. It’s open from 11AM to 9PM. The name’s brilliant! It just literally mean take home sushi. Hahaha. My friend and I was able to try it out last Saturday, after our web design class. If you’re not familiar with the area, you can take a tricyle and ask the driver to drop you off at abs-cbn’s main building, it’s just in front of it. It’s just really a small place and there aren’t much seats inside. There are still seats outside though. Love their grafitti wall! 🙂

So here is their menu. Look at how cheap it is!! I seriously wanted to try out every single thing on their menu. I usually eat Japanese food once or twice a week. And the Japanese place I’m eating at serves 8 pcs of sushi rolls for a price of 165-200 pesos. So when I saw this 99-peso sushi rolls I got really excited and happy.

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We ordered 8 pieces of their TKHM Roll, 8 pieces Migori and Kani Salad. I really loved the migori with that torched salmon. It was good, I must say. The size are not that big but the taste is there. I just kinda hated the fact that it was not rolled that tightly so sometimes the insides are falling out. I mean for a 99 peso it sure is good. You get what you pay for. The food doesn’t look crappy and is still presented beautifully. You can order their 24 and 40 pieces sushi and choose an assortment of sushi. They also serve sushirrito (sushi in burrito style), rice balls, and sashimi’s.

I’ve read a few reviews and comments on their zomato and facebook page. I’d say that most people gave them an average rating. I’d probably give it a 4 or 4.5 out of 5 stars tho. I mean what do you expect for a 99-peso sushi? You get what you pay for and to me the food was worth it for 99 pesos. It’s not as big as what they serve in your typical sushi place but it was good. Would still definitely come back to try out their other sushi’s.




Pinto Art Museum


My roommate and I have been planning to go to Pinto Art Museum in Antipolo for weeks. And finally, last Sunday we were able to visit the place. To get to Pinto, you can ride a jeep going to Antipolo and tell the driver to drop you off at Ynares Center and from there you can already take a tricycle. There is a 200php entrance fee and backpacks should be left in the bag counter. So I advise you just bring a small bag with you. Also, its better if you go there on a weekday. Weekends are kind of jam packed with people.


We first had our lunch at their cafe. They have different types of cuisines on their menu. They have Italian, Japanese, Thai etc. We decided to order their Vigan Longganisa Pizza (as per the server its one of their best sellers, I ordered a California Maki (sorry can’t resist Jap food), and Pink Lemonade. The food was great actually. It’s just that we had been waiting for quite a while before we got our food. And there was even a confusion with the table’s orders.


The place is pretty big actually. It has 6 galleries inside. The place is so “instagramable”. A lot of people were taking pictures. It’s so lovely and the entrance fee you’ll pay will be so worth it. I love each and every piece inside. Would definitely go back there. It’s not just full of painting but some other types of art with different kinds of media used.


And since the place was beautiful I wouldn’t miss the chance of having my photos taken. Hahaha. Excuse my face tho. I am not very photogenic. Lol. I actually grabbed some “reference” photos so I can do some poses like what does blogger does. Hahaha.


Also took some shots of Ynnah and Ate Kim. I’ve more photos on my phone and camera that I want to upload. But this will do for now. You can check out my instagram account @riepanini for more photos. We actually stayed there for almost 4 or 5 hours. I kind of got tired roaming around the area. And we haven’t actually checked out all of it. Were planning to go back again with our other friends maybe. You guys should definitely check out Pinto Art Museum.

Lake Pandin


Yesterday my bestfriend and I together with one of her friends went to Pandin Lake in San Pablo, Laguna. I’ve been seeing a lot of posts about it lately plus one of my friends, Mac already went there. The photos were so beautiful that I just had to see them for myself personally. Also, my bestfriend is taking tourism and decided to do Pandin Lake as their subject on their research paper.

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Capones Island


So on my recent post which was our trip to Talisayen Cove, I mentioned that we had a side trip to Capones Island. So here is my post about it. 🙂

We were supposed to be fetched at around 10am but the kuya arrived an hour late. The sea is much calmer now and not as wavy as when we first arrived. I just love seeing the clear waters and different islands around us.


The island is shaped like a shoe! How amazing is that.

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Its like a 30 minute boat ride from where we were. And there are my friends walking under the scorching heat of the sun. I immediately run towards the shady area because the heat was just so intense that day. Haha!

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I just love the gradient color of the sea. And look how clear the water is! Although on some areas there were lots of seaweeds which I totally hated.

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L-R (Me, Joan, Clare)

Meet my college buddies. Clare and I have been blockmates since 1st year college and were even officemates now. While joan was only our blockmate during our 1st year because she shifted to a different course on our 2nd year.

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The place isn’t really advisable for camping. Its really just for a day trip since the port is also like 15 minutes away from it.

We actually visited two more islands which I forgot the names (sorry bout that). But Capones was one of the highlights. Although I was a bit disappointed because we were not able to climb the famous lighthouse.

Although we didn’t stay long in the island it was still a fun side trip. I didn’t take a dip anymore and just took pictures. More beach trips to come please! 🙂

Talisayen Cove

And yet another beach trip. This time I went with my college friends. We’ve been planning a summer getaway for the longest time but somehow our schedules won’t match. Originally, we were 7 in the group but some of the girls wasn’t able to make it. So Clare decided to invite her brother, her brother’s girlfriend and a guy friend.

I only had 1 hour of sleep that day. We arrived at the bus station around 5am. We were not able to catch an earlier bus so the next one was at 7am. Honestly, I was asleep the whole trip. Haha! We were dropped off at Olangapo and from there we need to ride another bus. What is fun about this trip is that we rode an ordinary bus (no aircondition) plus we were standing. It was my first time and it was fun.

I forgot what time we arrived at the port but it was so freakin’ hot plus the sand hurts my feet. But I was so excited!! It’s a 45-minute boat ride going to the island. It was a pretty rough ride. We were so wet. The water was splashing all over us. It was really wavy and a little bit scary. Plus it was also high tide at the time.

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I was so happy when we finally reached the island. There were only a few people. Which is good because its not too crowded. We set up our tent and prepared for dinner. The boys started out the fire so we can start cooking and grilling. Another camping experience. Ahhh I love it. I really don’t mind camping by the beach overnight. And hearing the sound of the waves is just so calming and relaxing. Its like its singing me to sleep.

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And of course, it wouldn’t be complete without a bonfire and some smores. We drank, played cards and talked all night.

This was kind of a packaged trip. Inclusive of the boat ride, tents, and side trip to Capones Island. We paid 800 pesos to the travel tour. And I think our bus fare from Cubao-Olongapo was 200 pesos. And Olongapo-Pundaquit was round 40 pesos. This trip all in all cost me just about 2000 pesos. I’ll be posting another set of photos from our Capones side trip. 🙂

Hopefully I’d get to explore more places here in the Philippines. We have so many beautiful islands that I’ve yet to explore. Philippines is such a wonderful country. I hope more people could get to see that as well.



Ever since I got to travel out of the country last year I’ve been aiming to travel and go at least 1 country per year. Last year I got to explore Macau and HongKong. 1 day in Macau and 4 days in HongKong. I really had fun in my first out of the country trip although it was tiring because we did a lot of walking. Every now and then I can’t help but to reminisce those happy days I spent in those countries. It was such an awesome experience. This year we went to Singapore. We stayed there for 3 days and 2 nights. I love it when I get to explore new places and discover things.

I’ve been wanting to travel all by myself and next year my target’s either Thailand or Vietnam. I’ve been reading a lot of travel blogs and taking down notes. I’ve also been looking for cheap places to stay and budget trip tips. I would love to meet new people and just totally get out of my comfort zone. I wanna be more adventurous and just enjoy life. I don’t need to stay in a fancy hotel or eat in lavish restaurants. I wanna try something new and different. Hopefully, I’d have enough savings to push through this trip.

Nagsasa Cove


Last April, my former officemates and I went on a trip to Nagsasa Cove in Zambales. Its been ages since I last went to the beach. And I’ve many of my firsts in this trip. It was a very memorable experience for me.

We were 14 in the group and rented a van. It was a Saturday and we left Manila around 9am. The trip was actually kinda dreadful. It was a long and tiring trip. The traffic was so bad since it was also summer and a weekend a lot of people were really going to the beach. And as you can see (that’s me on the right side with the pillow) I just slept almost the entire trip. Yes, I know I’m such a sleepy head! 

Just seeing the view from the window made me even more excited!

We arrived at Pundaquit port around 3:30pm. It took us almost 7 hours to get there when it was suppose to just a 4-5 hour trip. However, we still need to take a boat and travel for 45 minutes more to reach the island we’ll be staying in.

And finally we arrived the island around 4:30. And I can say that the long trip was all worth it! The island was so beautiful. We were surrounded by mountains and trees.

Our guides helped us set our tents. This is my first time to camp. Although I had lots of mosquito bites I was still able to sleep well. We also had bonfire at night, drinking beers and making smores. It was really fun.

The morning after was the best part. What a sight! I can’t get enough of it. This place is such a beauty. It was just an overnight stay and we headed back in Manila later in the afternoon. It was a short trip but it was sure a lot of fun. My first time to camp, sleep in a tent, ride a boat, and bonfire session. 

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Thank you Nagsasa Cove for such a wonderful experience!