Won a blog give-away last September hosted by abitofglueandpaper for her shop’s 1st year anniversary. You guys can check it at www.abitofglueandpaper.ca [love the fact that you already changed the look. It’s not dark anymore 🙂 ] There are handmade cards and some notebooks on her shop that you can purchase. 🙂

I haven’t really had the time to drop by our post office and claim my parcel due to my busy schedule. Plus, I only get to go home on the weekends. Last Friday, I was on leave and finally had the chance to go to our local post office. I already had a second notice delivered to our house and I’m worried that I may not be able to get my parcel anymore. Plus the name on the parcel was my nickname so it won’t match the name on my IDs. I forgot to inform Sarah to put April as my first name since that’s my real name and the one written on all of my IDs. The girl in the post office was helpful though. She just asked me a few questions and then handed me my parcel afterwards.

The items that I got are the following
1. Alphabet and shape stencil
2. Sticky tabs, message card and note strips
3. Staple-less staplers, planner band, stickers, washi tape
4. Paper clips

I love all the items inside. And I can’t wait to use them!! I especially love the staple-less staplers. It was the first time that I got to see and use one. They’re very handy and I liked using them more than the regular type of stapler. Thank you Sarah of @abitofglueandpaper for these cute items. 🙂 🙂 🙂